Increase efficiency with automated packaging systems

A variety of automated packaging systems designed to dramatically shorten the packaging process, while maximizing labor efficiency.

Padded envelopes and mailers to improve product safety

Consolidate items in a single, efficient padded envelope or mailer that can minimize material waste and freight cost.

Surface protection from scratches during the shipping process

Protect finished, polished or painted surfaces from marring, scuffing, abrasion and scratching during shipping, handling, and distribution.

Void fill solutions from Sealed Air

Tecnologías sustentables con burbuja o bolsa ideales para la protección, acojinamiento y relleno de espacios vacíos durante el ciclo de distribución de tus productos.

Lock fragile or high-value items securely in place during shipment and handling with high-performance materials that provide powerful protection from damage.

Cushioning solutions from Sealed Air

Soluciones instantáneas de acojinamiento para productos frágiles o de gran valor, con espumas de baja o alta densidad, protegiendo tus envíos y eliminando daños en el producto.

Protect sensitive materials, goods, and substances from harmful temperature fluctuations throughout their distribution journey with engineered packaging technology that helps extend shelf-life and delivery radius.

Acoustics Solutions

Provides unaltered acoustic performance in challenging environments such as outdoors, wet and humid areas, dusty industrial areas and in road and rail applications.