The global use of pre-dosed multi-chamber bags is growing at over 8% per year in areas such as TPN or Total Parenteral Nutrition. Sealed Air research shows that the reassurance of consistent opening.... is top of the list of priorities for healthcare professionals. Multi-chamber IV bags require specific performance criteria and M332 is a frangible seal film engineered to deliver that consistency in use.


  • A customised sealant to ensure a predictable burst strength for frangible seals after autoclave
  • A soft film which drapes itself around the ports during bag manufacture to prevent leakers
  • A wide sealing window for ease of use in production
  • Strong perimeter seals allow for extra pressure to be applied in order to properly mix the bag contents at the point of use 
  • A Tg of -120°C means the film is always soft to touch for safe,high performance use
    • It also means the film is not embrittled at low temperatures
  • USP, EP and JP compliant and registered under US FDA DMF #9705
  • Extremely low extractables and leachables
  • Manufactured under quality system ISO 15378 in ISO 14644-registered Class 7 cleanrooms to give very low levels of particulate
  • Steam sterilizable up to 121°C for 30 minutes


A unique film designed for multi-compartment bags with internal frangible seals. Sealed Air has applied its expertise to the engineering of the frangible seal to make it robust, yet providing a consistent burst strength after autoclave sterilization. This minimizes variation and makes for more reliable performance when being used in a healthcare setting. At the same time the outer seals are very strong and so do not threaten the overall integrity of the pack.

Graphic illustrating how M332 drapes around ports for a secure seal


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